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SuperSpotlightAds is an advertising system for free and pro members dedicated to present your website to other SuperSpotlightAds members or to multiple websites of our network in a new, fashionable way.

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We offer Super Featured Ads that goes out in a one-per-day ad fashion (non rotating) to 11 or 21 websites of our network ALL AT ONCE! Super Featured Ads are sold separately.

Want to earn Money too?

Free Members are NOT required to make any purchase in order to receive commission from Personal Referral Purchases ONLY.

In addition to commissions from referrals, here at SuperSpotlightAds, there are also 4 more different ways of earning!

But if You are a Serious Marketer You should upgrade, then you can make much much more!

** Affiliates Earn BIG Here!! **

Choose any of our advertising options and You get:
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