SuperSpotlightAds FAQ

What services do You offer?
 SSA :SuperSpotlightAds is an International advertising program and we do offer various forms of advertising that You can purchase or earn.
Would You decide to buy something, every purchase at SSA is associated with a Gold or Diamond upgrade and a Free Forced Matrix position entry in our 3x14 Forced matrix.

What is the the difference between a spotlight ad and Super featured ad?
 SSA : A Spotlight Ad is shown here as a member login to their SSA account and when they go to add their site to the viewer. A Super Featured Ad is shown to 11 sites (or 21, depending on the purchase) of our network. Super Featured Ads are sold separately.

Can I join and stay as a free member?
 SSA : Yes! You can stay as a free member for as long as You want. Free members have limited access to some features but they can use our site and all the relative services.

Why should I upgrade?
 SSA : There are so many benefits in upgrading your SuperSpotlightAds account!
Just imagine how much You could make with an upgraded account; check our commission plan and don't forget that every Upgrade has an awesome advertising package included, as well as a Free forced matrix position!

How Does it Works?
 SSA : As You join You will have some Credits that can be used to show your sites to other members.
Add Your Sites with some Credits on it and
it will start Rotating once approved by Admin. Other members of SSA will visit your sites.

What Happen when I finish my Credits?
 SSA : Your Sites will stop showing up.
You can earn more Credits for your sites through the Spotlight Viewer, within the member area.

How do I Buy or Earn Credits?
 SSA : Here at SuperSpotlightAds You can only earn Credits through the Spotlight Viewer.

How do I Earn Money?
 SSA : At SuperSpotlightAds there several different ways to earn Money
but there are some differencies between Free and Upgraded members.

On Every Day Login and Spotlight Ad view - When you login daily you earn by visiting the first and second spotlight ad ..please note that this is different from the Spotlight Viewer!.
You only earn credits with the Viewer.

On Every Referral Purchase and Upgrade - When one of your Referrals decide to Upgrade their membership or make a purchase, You earn money. Please refer to the table below for the current Commission Rates.

You also earn Money on visits - Click on the Link "Browse Solo Ads" and You will earn Cash. You also earn when You click on Banners shown on SuperSpotlightAds. Please refer to the table below for the current Rates.

IMPORTANT: The money that You earn through the Cash Prizes Commission System can ONLY be used to BUY a Silver upgrade (and You get a Forced Matrix Position Too!) or to buy advertising. YOU CANNOT CASHOUT THE PRIZES!


By referring Upgrading Members - You Earn 50% for every Direct Referral Upgrade Purchase.

On Purchases - You Earn 50% for every Direct Referral SuperSpotlightAds Advertising Purchase.

Forced Matrix Earnings - You Earn $0.50 for the first Level Positions then $0.25 for every Position (every member can hold unlimited Positions) that falls below You down 13 level. This means that every member in Your matrix downline makes You earn every time they sponsor a new member or buy something down (max.) 14levels.

Forced Matrix Spillover - You MAY Earn also when a member in your upline sponsors a member or position that falls in your matrix. SPILLOVER IS NOT GUARANTEED.

In addition to real money Upgraded Members have also access to the Cash Prizes Commission System.
Please refer to the table below for the current Rates.

Can Free members cashout the money on their account?
 SSA : The simple answer is "NO".
A free member can buy an upgrade through the money earned with our Cash Prizes Commission System.
Once upgraded can earn real money as explaind above.

When do You pay Commissions?
 SSA : We pay out with the "as soon as possible" formula, we have no reason to keep the money in our accounts but we pay only 1 payout request per person at a time!
You will be paid to your Payza/STP account if you paid with Payza or STP once that any of your SuperSpotlightAds positions will be over your cashout level.

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