Hi All,

We are sorry for the long silence but no worry, we have not forgotten you!

We have been very patients and waited enough time for Payza to pay us and, despite their reassurances we have to turn over a new leaf.

Payza stealed us thousands of Dollars but we are strong enough to keep it up and carry on with every program in our network.

Due to the recent issues with the payza payment processor we will have to change a few things for the good.

We have already some of our other programs such as VTEC, PIFexplosion, BlastMyAds, All4Pro, ViralBannerAdCoop and many others.

Soon will be the turn of this very program too...just be a little more patient please :o)

Here is what we will do:
1. we will remove Payza (of course!).
2. we will implement Stripe, CoinPayments, JSEcoin and STP.
3. A custom IPN will be implemented too.
4. We will give you the ability to select a WORKING cashout processor.
6. You will be able to request yourcashout again.
6. Cashout requests will be paid.

Stay Tuned, these changes will happen within the month of October!

All the Best,

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